It’s a new week, and there’s a new player that the Red Wings might screw up on.
It sounds cynical, but it’s an absolute fact: Tomas Tatar and the Red Wings are in the dead heat of a contract negotiation and we’re still pretty unsure what the deal will come out to be like.
While it’s clear we’re in the phase of the offseason where there’s maybe a story of note every three days instead of every three hours, Tatar is still a hot topic in Red Wings twitter.
There’s not a whole lot to say this week, but since a few of you were nice to ask, here’s a few takes on him, from y’all and yours truly:
Tatar may in fact be a priority and we don’t really know what’s going on down there. But the optics don’t really look good. Tatar is likely the Wings most consistent forward moving ahead and really should be more useful than any of those three, save for maybe Nyquist if you wanna call them a wash.
I’d have no problem with Tatar in the five million dollar range around four-five years. The only problem is, the Wings have such a hilariously clusterflucked situation in their cap that it might not be possible. What also complicates matters is that the Wings honestly might not be very good over that time period. If they’re playing to lose, does signing Tatar long-term make sense? Who knows, man. Who knows.
I wouldn’t be surprised. As I linked above, they really could mess this up pretty bad.
Yes. 11 times over.
I feel bad linking to my own content again, but this is the most thorough thing I’ve written on them before.
And this tweet, via The Athletic but shared by own newest hire Tom Mitsos:
It’s been said before and it’ll be said again.