Photo Credit: mlive.com

Ken Holland Is Sticking Around For Now

When the Detroit Red Wings announced that Steve Yzerman was going to be their new general manager a few weeks ago, speculation took off about what would happen with Ken Holland.

It’s been widely circulated that Holland isn’t ready to step down as a general manager. He’s loved the job since he took it over in 1997, he still loves it today, and he feels like he still has gas in the tank to keep doing it. Despite all of this, Holland decided to step aside for Yzerman and played a huge part in bringing this transition to life.

At the same press conference that introduced Yzerman as GM, Chris Illitch mentioned that Holland’s contract had been extended for multiple years and his title would change to Senior Vice President of Hockey something or other. In short, he wouldn’t be a general manager. So while that’s the team’s (and Holland’s) official statement, nobody really believed it, especially with GM openings in Edmonton and Seattle.

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Well, tonight we got a little more clarity on the Edmonton front, as TSN’s Ryan Rishaugh broke news that Holland is not in the running for the GM position with the Oilers.

Darren Dreger initially broke this news on the morning of the press conference and this is further confirmation. So it appears, at least for now, that Holland is sticking around Hockeytown.

Things could always change and all eyes will be on Seattle as they make their decision this Summer.