Jeff Skinner Voted Atlantic Division’s “Last Man In” To the NHL All-Star Game

Well, if the dream ever existed, it’s now dead.

The final players have now been added to the All-Star Game rosters and the Atlantic Division will be playing without Dylan Larkin.

Larkin was always going to be a long shot in a division where Jeff Skinner, Morgan Rielly, Aleksander Barkov, and Mitch Marner were left off of the initial roster. For Wings fans, it felt like a snub because Larkin has been by far the best Red Wing this year, but with the current All-Star Game format, they had to fit in true league All-Stars and one player from every team.

That’s how Jimmy Howard made the team. He has one of the best save percentages among Atlantic Division goalies.

While this may feel like a lack of recognition for Larkin’s play this year, it’s actually a good thing. The All-Star break is an extended one this year and the Wings have their bye week immediately after. That’s a long break for someone like Larkin who has played every game so far this season and is out-performing everyone else on the team. He could use the time off to rest his body and recharge his mind.

I wasn’t planning on watching the All-Star Game either way, so this is no skin off my back. I’m happy for Howard, who has young kids who will really enjoy the experience, but as for Larkin, I’m happy for him to get a well-deserved break.