Photo Credit: UCN Live

We’re Getting A Movie About Bob Probert

Prior to his shocking and premature death in July 2010, the revered Bob Probert wrote an autobiography. Titled Tough Guy: My Life on the Edge, the book told the story of Probert’s life in his own words. From his upbringing in Southwestern Ontario, Canada to becoming the ultimate enforcer in the NHL, Probert recounts the story of his many struggles, fights, and demons.

Now, it appears that there is a film being made based on the autobiography. It was announced by the Bob Probert Memorial Ride on their Facebook page. The group says that the book is officially being made into a film about the tough guy’s life. And the trailer is coming this week.

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I was initially skeptical when I saw this, but everything looks official. The Bob Probert Memorial Ride is an annual motorcycle ride down Wyandotte Street in Windsor, Ontario. The organizers have deep connections with Probert’s friends and family. If anyone would know, it’s them.

So I reached out to the group and learned that the film will be a documentary based on the book. The film is already complete and has an air date of December 14th, 2018 on the SuperChannel. The film was directed by Geordie Day of Nightschool Films.

Based on the small copy at the bottom of the film’s poster, it appears as though it’s going to feature a wide array of characters from Probert’s life, including his wife, Dani Probert, some of his closest friends and teammates, Joe Kocur and Chris Chelios, and some of his greatest rivals, Tie Domi and Jeremy Roenick.

Bob Probert played in 935 NHL games for two different teams. He scored 163 goals and 384 points over the course of his career. He was perhaps best known for his 3,300 penalty minutes, which is 5th most in NHL history. His fights were legendary, both on and off the ice. Flanking Steve Yzerman‘s wing for most of his time in Detroit, he got some sweet goals too.

Probert lived a troubled life, but he was always a favorite in Hockeytown. We can all learn a lot from him and this documentary is going to attempt to bring those things to life. We’ll keep you posted with any further information revealed on the documentary and its release.