GOTTA SEE IT: Luke Witkowski Makes Appearance On John Scott’s Podcast

Have you been wondering where John Scott‘s disappeared to? Me neither, really, but he just popped up on my Twitter feed promoting the latest episode of his podcast. It’s a 20-minute discussion with current Red Wing Luke Witkowski. The offseason is long and currently dry as the desert, so I gave it a listen to.

It quickly becomes obvious that this podcast was actually recorded several months ago. If the cold Michigan weather didn’t tip you off, then surely you caught on when they spoke about Witkowski never scoring an NHL goal.

Witkowski came across as very quiet and subdued. He didn’t quickly jump into answering questions or try to generate any interesting conversation. The way he stared off into nothing as he thought about answers, though, led me to believe that there’s a lot going on behind his eyes.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview for those who don’t have the time to sit and watch it:

  • Though Witkowski said the weight of never having scored a goal in the NHL didn’t bother him, it definitely felt like something he was eager to get over with, which he did on February 17th, 2018 against the Nashville Predators.
  • Witkowski and Scott spoke about how “professional” the game was becoming, as in it was moving away from players having post-game beers on the plane to players drinking protein shakes. Witkowski said that there isn’t too much drinking that happens on the Wings plane rides, but there was a lot in Tampa Bay when he was with the Lightning.
  • Witkowski never goes into a game thinking he’s going to fight. He’s watched Ice Guardians and can’t take the emotional weight of a fight weighing on him for entire days leading up to it. If it happens on the ice, then it happens, but he never prepares for it or plans on it happening.
  • If there’s one tough guy he wishes he could have fought just to say he fought him, it’s Bob Probert.
  • It sounds like Witkowski is a real wilderness guy. He said that he loves fishing and goes out for an hour or two every day that he’s home.

Overall, it was actually kind of a boring interview. It did end with a pretty funny bit where Witkowski called up Slater Koekkoek of the Tampa Bay Lightning on FaceTime to ask him why he puts ice in his milk. Frankly, it’s a mystery that I think is worth getting to the bottom of.

Scott’s podcast is called “Dropping the Gloves with John Scott” and is only four episodes in. The only other guest he had on was Bryan Bickell to talk about their Chicago Blackhawks travel stories. You can follow it on his YouTube channel.