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NHL Announces Draft Lottery Odds, Draw Will Take Place April 28th

Most Wings fans turned their attention to the 2018 NHL Entry Draft long before the team was officially eliminated from playoff contention. With Rasmus Dahlin being the consensus number one pick at June’s draft, teams are salivating at the thought of acquiring the potential franchise defenseman. This morning, the NHL released the draft lottery odds for the fifteen teams who will be in contention for acquiring the first overall pick.

The NHL posted the full details and all of the odds in a press release on NHL.com. It states:

The 2018 NHL Draft Lottery will consist of three drawings: the 1st Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting first overall, the 2nd Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting second overall and the 3rd Lottery Draw will determine the club selecting third overall.

The 15 clubs that do not qualify for the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs – or the clubs that have acquired the first-round picks of those non-playoff clubs – will participate in the 2018 NHL Draft Lottery.

The full odds are broken down as follows:

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Non-Playoff Team (Fewest Points to Most), 2018 Odds, 2017 Odds*, 2015 & 2016 Odds

1, 18.5%, 18.0%, 20.0%

2, 13.5%, 12.1%, 13.5%

3, 11.5%, 10.3%, 11.5%

4, 9.5%, 10.3%, 9.5%

5, 8.5%, 8.5%, 8.5%

6, 7.5%, 7.6%, 7.5%

7, 6.5%, 6.7%, 6.5%

8, 6.0%, 5.8%, 6.0%

9, 5.0%, 5.4%, 5.0%

10, 3.5%, 4.5%, 3.5%

11, 3.0%, 3.2%, 3.0%

12, 2.5%, 2.7%, 2.5%

13, 2.0%, 2.2%, 2.0%

14, 1.5%, 1.8%, 1.0%

15, 1.0%, 0.9%

* Expansion Vegas Golden Knights received same odds as team finishing regular season in 28th place

As it currently stands today, the Red Wings are ranked 5th in the Lottery Division, which means they have an 8.5% of winning the 1st overall pick and a 25.5% chance of picking in the top-3. At worst, they’ll fall to the 6-8 range, but with how deep this year’s draft is, it’s not too concerning.

Of course, the higher the better, but don’t forget they have Vegas’ first round pick too, which will likely be in the 25-30 range. There is lots of opportunity for the Red Wings in this draft.

The NHL Draft Lottery will take place on Saturday, April 28th. The time of the draw has not yet been announced, though it’s normally in the 30-45 minutes prior to puck drop of the prime time playoff game that day.

Here is a brief look at Bob McKenzie’s 2018 mid-season rankings for the upcoming draft, which he appropriately dubbed “The Rasmus Dahlin Draft”.