Three Things we learned from the Wings’ loss to Washington

Over the past three games, the Red Wings have come out with a grand total of 0 points, three goals for and 10 against. Last night, the Detroiters had the unfortunate luck of coming up against the Washington Capitals in one of the most, well, dull games of the season. With just a lone late third period goal by the unlikely hero of Jay Beagle, the Wings fell 1-0 to the Capitals.

Here’s three things we learned from the defeat. 

Braden Holtby is really good

WOW. It shouldn’t be any surprise that well, a goalie who’s been nothing short of dominant the past few seasons has been 

Jimmy Howard might be for real

We’ve openly criticized just about everything about Howard over the past year, but he’s been exceptional to start the season. Now with a .945 save percentage through his 9 games. Let’s not jump the gun and totally say that he deserves to be the #1 starter always moving forward, but let’s give credit where it’s due and give the man some applause for last  


Larkin’s still snakebitten

At what point do we just start feeling bad for Larkin?

With just one point in his past 7 games, Larkin did just about everything he could last night: getting three shots on goal and creating a number of chances for his teammates. With an on-ice shot percentage of 5.76%, we have to hope things will turn around soon for the star sophomore.