The Wings Nation Top 20 Prospects: #14 Tomas Nosek

Tomas Nosek fits into the Wings system at an interesting place in time. At age 23 (turning 24 on September 1), he’s really fighting for his final chance to crack the Wings roster this season as a regular, whether that be through injury or an impressive training camp/ AHL season.

He’s played just six NHL games (all of which were this past year), and is under contract for the next two years on a two-way deal.

Things may not be looking great, but a change of fortune could perhaps swing things around for him.

By the Numbers

15-15-30 is a decent statline, but in the AHL at age 23? It doesn’t inspire loads of confidence he’ll translate into a solid NHL player. He may be strapped with the “career AHLer” tag if he doesn’t find a way to translate his skills to a Red Wing roster spot soon. 

Looking Ahead

As written on here yesterday, the Wings have quite a few forwards. Nosek might be one of those guys to be shipped off to a new environment, because it’ll prove quite the challenge for him to hop onto the NHL roster in this current lineup. Also, he doesn’t particularly stand out for any reason at the AHL level, so it’s not very sensible to call him up in the first place. Honestly, there’s not too much more to say about a guy who’s had an okay but not stellar first few seasons in the Wings organization.

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