Red Wings continue to sign long-term deals for depth players, ink Luke Glendening for four more years

The Red Wings have made their offseason plan pretty clear: they’re pretty content with almost everyone on the 2015-2016 roster, so much that they’re willing to go to any means possible to maintain just about everyone they have on the roster, besides one glaring departure.

The thing about this signing is, in a vacuum, it’s an okay deal at best. 

The bottom line is though, it’s another similar deal in a long list of signings of largely mediocre veterans. Glendenning has peaked at a 21-point career high this past year, and he’s already 27.

What’s the point of this team, honestly? They’re just driving themselves backwards with a bunch of long-term deals.

  • mbrohman97

    Can’t wait to hear Brad’s reaction to this on next week’s podcast. Personally, it’s a signing that’s too long in term and a bit too high in AAV. The Wings have too many bad contracts on the team, with Abby, Howard, Ericsson, Helm, and now Glenny, with potentially only one of them being picked up in the expansion draft.

    • Nick Seguin

      If any of them get taken during the expansion draft.

      I’m personally hoping Helm is left unprotected and taken by LV. We have too many guys signed to long contracts who fulfill the same role.