Anthony Mantha sent down to Grand Rapids Griffins

As the playoffs are about to begin, a bunch of tough decisions have to be made. The first of those decisions involved former first round pick Anthony Mantha. Mantha was informed today that he would be sent back down to the Griffins in hopes of helping out with their playoff push. This move means that Joakim Andersson will be up with the Wings to start their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

In Mantha’s time with the Griffins, he has absolutely dominated. After having what many considered was a middling year last year, he has dramatically improved his point total and his point per game total this year. This move is going to help the Griffins out immensely but isn’t the big prize the Stanley Cup? Mantha easily has more skill then most of the bottom six, so are there other factors at play?

A couple of our writers have some theories on the demotion.

Greg believes that the veterans are getting their way and pushing more skilled players off to the side. Meanwhile, Brad thinks this is a savvy move, it will allow Mantha to get the ice time he needs to develop and grow. 

I am not completely sure where I stand on it but I do know that Mantha is going to be one heck of a player, do you want him to experience the limelight now or later? His internal NHL clock is already ticking, maybe it is time to take advantage of his set of skills. Facing off against the Lightning they’ll need an infusion of speed and talent. It seems like a gross misuse of talent from my perspective, you have a weapon that you are holstering for the future. Isn’t the future now?