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REPORT: Mark Hunter, Dan Bylsma Linked to Red Wings

Each week when Elliotte Friedman releases his 31 Thoughts post, the Red Wings are not mentioned as much as we would obviously like. The organization as a whole has been keeping their cards very close to their chest in regards to the future of this hockey club and where they are moving on with certain personnel.

Until this week that is, as Elliotte includes our beloved Red Wings in a total of three out of thirty-one thoughts. The most interesting is that Mark Hunter has been linked to taking a position within the Red Wings front office.

None of the three teams linked to Hunter has an actual open GM position, but he can take a very prominent role no matter what. A similar position as he had with the Leafs, Director of Player Personnel, is most likely available for him to take.

This is especially interesting for the Red Wings since Holland has previously stated his desire in expanding the front office and building a management team; similar to what he had during the 2008 Championship.

Primarily known for his scouting, Hunter will bring a strong voice in the hockey world to the Red Wings. Although the Leafs have not had the greatest drafts recently and has passed on a lot of talented players for size, the Red Wings have a similar draft track-record so he can fit right in.

Some other thoughts from Friedman that involve the Red Wings, include information about the current Assistant Coach job opening and the position they will most likely hold in the upcoming draft.

Former Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres Head Coach, Dan Bylsma, has been recently linked to the Red Wings open coaching position, according to Friedman.

This is mostly Friedman just making a logical connection – generally, nothing comes of this but it does make sense. The position is open and Blashill has experience working alongside Bylsma at the World Championships just last month.

Another interesting bit of information that Friedman gave us in the most recent 31 Thoughts post, is that the Red Wings are most likely staying put with their 6th overall pick in the upcoming draft. Despite almost daily updates on trade possibilities for the Wings at the draft from Helene St. James in her mailbags, Friedman says that they will likely stay put.

Of course he safely puts in “barring an offer that gives them great assets for their rebuild”, just in case they do make a pick trade involving the 6th-overall pick. But since neither trading up or down from that position is predictable, it is safe to say that there is a good chance the Wings will be staying put.

The draft does involve a lot of surprises and they might have a good chance to trade down and still get a player high on their draft board, so you never truly know until it’s their turn to pick.


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