What Happens if Mike Green is Traded Before the All-Star Game?

With the all star game approaching and the trade deadline looming, Mike Green’s name has been mentioned as much as anyone’s. He is representing the Wings at this year’s All-Star Game, but what happens if he’s traded beforehand?

Within the Atlantic:

If Green is traded to another team within the Atlantic Division, it is up to NHL officials to do any roster reconfiguration. If they are adamant that Green participates in the game, then much of the roster would need to be changed to meet the 6 forward, 3 defence, 2 goalie requirements, as well as ensure a player represents the Detroit Red Wings.

The easiest solution would be to just send a different defenseman from the Wings. But who is left after Mike Green? Jonathan Ericsson? I think the officials would reconfigure the Atlantic roster to avoid Ericsson heading to the games.

Notable replacement possibilities could be either Morgan Reilly or Mikhail Sergachev. However, Victor Hedman suffered a knee injury the other day and is expected to miss the All-Star Game. Assume one of these two options will replace Hedman.

Outside of the Atlantic:

Much of the same issues arise if Green is traded to a team outside of the Atlantic Division. However, two rosters are affected if, again, officials want Green at the game. I’d think if this is the case, Green just wouldn’t participate in the All-Star Game. Thus, the only roster needing reconfiguration would be the Atlantic.

A trade ahead of the All-Star Game would certainly complicate the lives of NHL officials. However, I’m in favour of a trade and if these are the consequences then so be it. A Mike Green trade greatly benefits the Red Wings.