Justin Abdelkader's tournament performance doesn't justify his roster spot

Adam Laskaris
September 23 2016 11:44AM

Justin Abdelkader scored a goal at the World Cup of Hockey yesterday, against teammate Petr Mrazek, no less. Here, let's watch it:

"Way to go, Mrazek!" - some dude, probably.

As we know, Abdelkader, like a few other players on  wasn't supported by many people to make Team USA. The argument was pretty common:

What's the use in taking him when you could've taken Phil Kessel, Tyler Johnson, or Kyle Okposo? What did Abdelkader bring that a more talented, consistent scorer couldn't?

Yesterday, a sizeable contingent of the Red Wings fanbase popped up defending Abdelkader's performance. 

And, despite Abdelkader scoring one of USA's five goals over three games in the tournament, the move still doesn't make any sense, and isn't justifiable, despite the fact that Abdelkader had a respectable enough tournament, when the majority of the rest of his team, well, didn't. 

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Red Wings sign Sproul, Griffins sign Cleary

Adam Laskaris
September 23 2016 10:18AM

How worried were you that the Wings wouldn't re-sign Ryan Sproul? No seriously, were you worried?

Today, in one of two deals signed by the team, Sproul re-signed for two years:

But perhaps more fun, there was the second deal announced:

We arrived to that point in the offseason where we thought it'd never happen. But then, of course, it did. There was the eternal king of the Red Wing organization one-year deal.

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Nick Seguin
September 23 2016 09:46AM

The Red Wings ‘big splash’ this offseason came in the signing of 32-year-old unrestricted free agent Frans Nielsen. Once the Stamkos sweepstakes came to a close with much more of a whimper than a bang, Ken Holland and co. set out to find a suitable replacement for departing superstar Pavel Datsyuk. Of course, there is no suitable replacement for the magic man, but Nielsen’s two-way play is an attractive quality to a team that needs help defensively. Couple that with his nine years of experience and consistent (but average) point production and you’ve got a plug for that hole down the middle.

It might be a temporary plug, and not as good as the last plug, but it will do the job just fine.  

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Red Wings Training Camp Starts Today: What you need to Know

Adam Laskaris
September 23 2016 08:37AM

Bored of the World Cup of Hockey's off day? Want to pay too much attention to hockey with slightly less meaning? Today, Red Wings training camp opens.

Filling the roster this year are three defined teams who will hit the ice for four days in Traverse City, before a preseason opener on Sept. 27 against the Penguins. 

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
September 23 2016 05:00AM

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 5.45.15 PM

Leafs win prospects tournament, Lupul hurt again, Sedin era in Vancouver coming to an end, Flames need to fix their salary cap issues, Jesse Puljujarvi ready to ruin plans, get your Oilers karma right heading into season, a classic goalie scrap, fantasy hockey and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

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