Making sense of the Wings' reported Free Agent Wishlist

Brock Seguin
June 28 2016 12:33PM

NHL Free Agency opens on Friday and the Red Wings are expected to be a very busy team this offseason, especially after they were able to offload Pavel Datsyuk’s contract on the NHL Draft floor

After Datsyuk’s cap-hit was moved, it was no secret that the Red Wings were going to be all-in on trying to land this summer’s big fish, Steven Stamkos. On Tuesday afternoon, TSN’s Darren Dreger listed a few other names that are believed to be on the Red Wings' Free Agency wish list. 

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The Red Wings Top 5 RFA Targets on the Back End

Kyle Krische
June 28 2016 12:05PM

The UFA market generally gets all the offseason glory in the NHL. It’s flashy, the names are recognizable and the storylines have been building for over a year in some cases. The fact that a player is a UFA also means they’ve been in the league a while and thus have a deeper pool of statistics to draw from, whether or not teams decide to actually use them (see: Stephen Weiss, Dave Bolland) is another issue entirely.

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The Top 5 UFA Defencemen to Target, and why Detroit Should Avoid All of Them

Kyle Krische
June 28 2016 08:02AM

UFA fever has been raging all year. With every week that went by leaving Stamkos unsigned, the temperature rose. We saw some teams key in on their targets and do what it took to get them committed to their clubs. From LA locking down Koptiar, to Florida and Arizona acquiring the rights to Yandle and Goligoski respectively and signing them to big deals before they could hit the open market, the UFA crop is slowly thinning. 

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Drew Miller signs one-year extension with Red Wings, which doesn't really make any sense

Sam Blazer
June 27 2016 12:06PM

The off-season is in full swing, signings are going to be made. Some good and some bad.

Today it was announced that the Detroit Red Wings were going to be bringing back Drew Miller on a one year deal.

This is a pretty bad deal.

 Miller, a veteran in the NHL, is going to bring leadership and some truculence to the team. Does that even matter in today's NHL? Is Miller even deserving of a contract?

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Holland Deserves Full Credit For Datsyuk Dump

Greg Brady
June 27 2016 10:13AM

Ken Holland's entering his 20th season as Detroit Red Wings General Manager, and though he's come under more criticism the past few years because of the Red Wings' lack of playoff success (just one playoff round victory in the past five years and a 5-15 W/L playoff record in their past 20 games), this past weekend made me remember why he's probably been in the office as long as he has, he isn't afraid to swiftly take an eraser to his own mistakes.

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