Winged Wheel Podcast - Baby Wait

Brad Krysko
May 24 2016 05:35PM


Another week, another podcast where Brad is not yet a father. Though the baby won't force its way out, the Winged Wheel Podcast does so with offseason content. The NBA, World Championships, and steaks are all covered in this (not-so) hockey podcast, as well as an update on inaccurate Stanley Cup playoff predictions. Settle in, turn up the volume, and keep your fingers crossed for a baby. Actually.

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    Three things we learned from the 2016 IIHF World Championships

    Sam Blazer
    May 23 2016 04:00PM

    While it sucks that the Red Wings exited the playoffs quickly, getting an opportunity to watch some players represent their country isn't too bad of a consolation prize. Ranging from Datsyuk to Larkin, there was plenty to watch. What exactly did we learn though going into next season?

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    2016 Draft: Which Swedes Fit The 51% Rule?

    Shawn Reis
    May 23 2016 09:10AM

    With the draft one month away it's time to start ramping up our focus towards it even more.

    Most of the talk so far has been surrounding the real top tier players of the draft like Auston Matthews and Patrik Laine.  But there are six more rounds past the first one, and there are plenty of future NHLers that'll come out of this draft that up until now you've never heard of in your life.

    Luckily, we have little tricks to help us try and identify who those players might be.

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    Is Signing Stamkos Even Feasible?

    Brad Krysko
    May 23 2016 09:00AM

    The Red Wings struggled for much of the season and has the fanbase nervous like they’ve never been in the last two-and-a-half decades. The streak was in jeopardy. The coaches are ticked. The players are frustrated. Ken Holland even seems upset and is claiming bold moves ahead which is very much out of character. Seems like everyone in the organization is on the edge of their seats wondering if something dramatic needs to change?

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    Dan Cleary wants to play for the Griffins next season. Should you care?

    Sam Blazer
    May 21 2016 07:33AM

    "I live, I die, I live again" is this a quote from 'Mad Max: Fury Road' or is this an apt description of Dan Cleary's time with the Red Wings? No matter the coach, no matter the period of time, it seems like Dan Cleary is more cockroach than hockey player, he always just seems to stick around. The man's career will never die but should you even care?

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