Which NHL playoff team is the best model for the Red Wings rebuild?

The NHL playoffs remain in full swing, with the Detroit Red Wings sitting at home, contemplating the beginning of another offseason, mired in the midst of a rebuild. But even for a largely irrelevant team in the process of rebuilding, the NHL playoffs have some meaning for the Red Wings. Most notably, it provides the…


A Requiem For Ken Holland

Well, let’s face it: yesterday was the day Red Wings fans have waited for for a long, long time. Steve Yzerman, the Captain and the icon of Hockeytown, is coming home as General Manager.


Fixing The Blue Line: how the Red Wings can get better at defense

It’s not a shock to Red Wings fans that Detroit’s defense was quite bad this past season. The team ranked in the bottom five in goals against, allowing over 3 goals per game. For the team to return to the playoffs, fixing the defense must be a top priority, and while no fan is reasonably…