Red Wings Release New Retro Style Jerseys For Upcoming Season

While it’s still unclear as to when next season will begin, that uncertainty hasn’t stopped the NHL from hyping everyone up with some new threads that’ll be showcased across the entire league throughout the 2020-21 campaign.

In partnership with Adidas, the Detroit Red Wings released some new images of what their “Reverse Retro” jersey will look like in 2021, which appears to pay tribute to some of the organization’s championship history that spanned across the 1940s through the mid-1950s.

Though this new look has drawn comparisons to a simple practice jersey, and rightly so, it does seem like the league was trying to recreate one of Detroit’s iconic jerseys that was dawned when the club won four of their 11 Stanley Cup Trophies. Considering legendary players like Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Red Kelly, Sid Abel, and Terry Sawchuk played during that timeframe, it makes plenty of sense as to why they’d want to focus on that piece of history with this new sweater.

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Despite the NHL’s attempt to honor the team’s memorable history, they failed miserably to accomplish that feat, as this new jersey barely resembles any appearance to the one that was worn from 1949-1972 that featured three red stripes, a red collar, and a white base.

While the league does deserve at least some credit for making sure the lettering and numbers on this retro jersey were coloured in red, it still doesn’t make up for this seemingly lack of effort and creativity that went into creating the new uniform.

Even though it’s unclear as to how many times the Red Wings will wear this jersey next season, the fanbase has to be hoping they won’t be forced to see it show up too many times in 2021. Taking this even further, those same fans are also likely wishing it’ll be removed from the rotation heading into the 2021-22 campaign and beyond that point as well.