Santa’s 10 Reindeer Draft Prospects – Day 10

The moment the New York Rangers won the number one pick in this year’s draft, Wings’ fans were jolted from their peaceful Lafrenière-dream. It was like a dream you have the night before Christmas: eagerly looking forward to waking up, you constantly check the clock, anticipating Santa gifting you the best player in the draft. A single jet-stream shooting a lottery ball up in the air ended that dream. But that dream doesn’t have to end. This draft is deep – there’s no real consensus on draft order and the Wings have several holes to fill. There are rumors that the Wings are looking to draft a young defenceman but, given their many needs, which I wrote on earlier, Yzerman will likely draft the best player available – regardless of their position. That’s why the Christmas dream is still a possibility. Yes, Christmas will be a little different this year because… well, COVID… So in an attempt to regain a little bit of normalcy, it felt necessary to present Santa’s 10 Reindeer Draft Prospects. Tune in for the next 10 days for updates on the Wings’ best draft prospects.

#10 – Santa’s Reindeer Draft Prospect: Dasher – A.K.A. Jack Quinn

Photo Credit: NHL.com

Position – Right wing

Team – Ottawa 67’s – OHL 

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Age – 18

Height – 5’11”

Weight – 176 lbs

Nation – Canada

Shoots – Right

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Just like Jack Quinn, Dasher is known for his love of going fast and kindred spirit. Ranked dead last in the NHL for Goals-For, Detroit needs to make goal-scoring a priority. Quinn averaged 1.4 points per game in his final year with the 67’s, which isn’t mind-blowing compared to his peers but, averaging 52 goals in 62 games, is impressive. The Wings need a fast, dynamic goal-scorer and Quinn satisfies this need. However, while speed and finding the back of the net are great attributes, there are justifiable concerns. Notably, the 67’s were a highly offensive team and Quinn’s numbers skyrocketed when he was paired with Marco Rossi. In the past, managers have fallen victim to inflated stats, but 50 goals in a season puts Quinn among elite company, including John Tavares and Steven Stamkos.

TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button believes in Quinn’s ability to find the back of the net – 

“Best goal-scorer in the draft. Is not a one-trick scorer, which makes him difficult to defend. His entire game has progressed to the point where he is a well-rounded player.”


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The jump to the NHL demands mental toughness, grit and determination and, while there is no denying Quinn’s scoring prowess, his tenacity and competitive drive are often overlooked. Yes, it is impossible to quantify these attributes, but imagine getting cut from your AAA teams, being relegated to AA hockey, then getting drafted by the 67’s and immediately being sent back during your rookie season. This adversity would break the majority of us. Not Quinn. He persevered and exploded on the scene, scoring 50 goals during his draft year. Quinn is a top 10 pick and the Wings need a player that can: score on their bottom six, challenge the top six and get them out of the basement of the league for goals. Risk or not, if Santa lets the Wings draft Dasher (A.K.A. Jack Quinn), Detroit will still get their Christmas dream. 

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