Rumor: Detroit Red Wings may bring back jerseys from the 1930’s

Reports are surfacing that the Detroit Red Wings may be bringing back a jersey from nearly 100 years ago.

According to Icethetics, a leading reporter in the word of hockey jerseys, the Red Wings may be bringing back a jersey they started wearing in 1934.

It’s a jersey that would come apart of something the league is expected to bring forth this year in some additional alternate jerseys — something Icethetics is calling fourth jerseys that are “throwbacks with a twist.”

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Here’s what Icethetics has reported about a potential Red Wings jersey:

An Icethetics source has reported the Red Wings will participate in the fourth jersey program using an all white jersey (without red sleeves) based on what the club wore from 1934 to 1961. This also sounds like a simple inversion of their modern red jersey.

The simple inversion seems to come with what’s rumored for all teams. Speaking for myself, I’m all for the Wings bringing back a super old jersey like these. I hope it comes to fruition for next season.

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