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WINGS POSTGAME: Winless in the Peg

The Red Wings and Jets met in Winnipeg for the first half of a home-and-home. Round one went to the opponent, as Detroit lost their 12th game in a row by a score of 5-1. The NHL record for consecutive losses is 17, so that is something to keep an eye on.

The first 30 minutes of the game went as well as you would hope for the NHL’s dead-last team, but it was the final 30 where things got bad. They played a lifeless game that had no jump. One of the more disappointing losses of this losing streak, as there was little-to-no fight back when adversity started to hit.

Thoughts and Highlights

  • The Jets opening goal of this game did not come without controversy. On a 2-on-0, shorthanded rush, Eric Comrie went to cover a loose puck, only to have his glove hand pushed out of the way. In the same sequence, two Jets’ players jammed at the puck while it was under Comrie’s blocker. Following a challenge it was deemed a good goal.

  • The problem here is the goal was ruled legal because the puck was never frozen. However, had Comrie not been interfered with, he would have been able to freeze the puck with his glove hand, avoiding all the chaos that ensued.

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  • Laurent Brossoit started the game for the Jets. However, the Winnipeg netminder had to briefly step out in the second period due to equipment issues. Connor Hellebuyck subbed in and the Red Wings took advantage of the unexpected change. Filip Zadina won a battle down-low and hit a driving Christoffer Ehn who eventually jammed the puck in from the goalmouth.

  • That marker is Ehn’s first goal of the season. Ehn went 28 straight games, spanning back to last season, without scoring a goal. That streak is now snapped.
  • The wheels officially fell off in the final five minutes of the second frame. The Jets dominated possession and cashed in on three goals in two minutes. That pushed the score to 4-1 and the Red Wings never found a step again.
  • Detroit went several long stretches without a shot on goal in this one. They only mustered up 17 shots by the conclusion of the game. They played lifeless after the second period collapse.

Gif of the Game

How much longer can this go on for? Is an end in sight?!

Motor City MVP

Eric Comrie

Despite allowing five goals Comrie played a solid game, relative to his teammates performance. The first goal arguably shouldn’t have counted, and the goals that followed can’t entirely be put on him. There were some big, key saves that stood out. Overall, it was a promising first start for the new Red Wings goaltender.

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Hopefully he’ll get used to this defense in front of him!