Photo Credit: Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Darren Helm fined $5,000 for slashing Calgary’s Elias Lindholm

Thursday night’s match-up between the Red Wings and Flames got a little chippy near the end. Following a parade of Calgary goals in the third period, turning the game into a blowout, Darren Helm and Elias Lindholm shared a controversial confrontation.

Lindholm threw a high, unnecessary elbow towards Helm’s head. Reacting like anyone else would, Helm retaliated, giving Lindholm a nasty looking two-hand slash to the back of the legs. Anyone who has taken a two-hander knows just how painful it is. Lindholm quickly fell to the ice in pain, and Helm was thrown out of the game with a game misconduct.

See the video below for the full incident. It starts with Helm dropping Lindholm at the faceoff circle, followed by Lindholm’s elbow, followed by Helm’s slash.

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Today the NHL Department of Player Safety announced their decision to fine Helm $5,000, the maximum allowed fine under the CBA, for his slash on Lindholm.

Its an unfortunate situation for Helm, who had every reason to be upset with the dangerous elbow thrown at him, especially in a game that was all but over at that point. But put yourself in the shoes of NHLDPS and this could not have gone undisciplined. Fining Helm, rather then suspending him, seems like their way of granting some leeway, given the circumstances.

Unfortunately, as for now, it appears Lindholm gets out of all this with no form of disciplinary action from the league. The elbow he threw could have warranted a suspension, at the very least a fine.

Detroit only plays Calgary one more time this season, on Feb. 23. That might be one you want to circle on the calendar.