Red Wings Select Tyutyayev, Gylander With Back-To-Back Picks

To conclude the 2019 NHL draft, the Red Wings made back-to-back selections in the 7th round. The first being pick 190 which they used to take Kirill Tyutyayev, an overage forward from Russia. Immediately after that they took goaltender Carter Gylander from the AJHL with pick number 191.

Tyutyayev played this past season in the MHL after not being drafted in the 2018 NHL draft. He scored 60 points in 60 games in the Russian junior league, good enough to earn a draft consideration. He has been described a skilled, speedy forward, but is undersized at just 5’9”. Your classic swing for the fences pick in the final round. Time will tell how this pick does.

The selection of Gylander gives the Wings another goaltender to add to the pipeline. Using their last selection on one is telling that the position was not a prority on their list. Gylander is a big goaltender who put up a respectable .915 save percentage.