Wings Nation 2018-19 Player Review: Mike Green

Mike Green had another injury-ridden season for the Detroit Red Wings. After signing a two-year, $5.375 million extension last June, Green played in just 43 games for the 2018-19 season.

When he was playing, he was an effective contributor offensively, but a virus that he dealt with at the beginning of the season and last season came back in March, forcing him to miss the rest of the season.

RAPM Chart

Mike Green’s RAPM charts via Evolving Wild

Green’s RAPM (regularized adjusted plus-minus) chart is a mixed bag. For those who are unaware of Evolving Wild‘s RAPM charts, they attempt to “isolate a given player’s contribution while on the ice independent of all factors we can account for.”

So, Green had positives in 5 on 5 goals for and expected goals for and negatives in Corsi for, goals against and Corsi against. Not very surprising, as Green’s strengths have never been on the defensive side of the puck.

As for the power play chart, the negative goals for bar seems disconcerting, but considering he only played 83 minutes on the power play, didn’t score a single power-play goal and was only on the ice for five, it makes sense why he would be graded so low. His expected goals and Corsi for numbers are much better, and had he played a full season, he might have popped in a few power-play goals.

Crunching Numbers

Mike Green stats from Hockey-Reference

Green certainly isn’t the point machine he was with the Washington Capitals, but he can still contribute as long as he stays healthy.

The Red Wings won nine of Green’s first 12 games of the season, and while the wins cannot be solely contributed to his presence in the lineup, he does help shore up a bad defensive corps.

He had a better point-per-game average this season (0.60) than last season (0.50), but whether he can stay healthy for an entire season is a big question mark.

Green’s 21 assists were second among defensemen behind Niklas Kronwall‘s 24, but Kronwall played 79 games to Green’s 43.

Possession metrics

Mike Green possession stats via Natural Stat Trick

Nothing to write home about. Like I said earlier, we know what kind of player Green as at this point in his career; he won’t move the needle as far as possession stats go. His relative Corsi for, -0.50 is an improvement from last year’s -1.21.

Green was fifth among Red Wings defensemen in Corsi for percentage, fourth in goals for percentage and fifth in expected goals for percentage.

2019-20 Prediction

I’m not sure we’ll see much of Green next season, either. I’m no doctor, but this virus keeps coming back, and I’m not sure if it’s anything Green can completely get over. It would be nice if he could put up some nice numbers and be trade bait for a contending team, but I’m not sure it gets to that point.

He’s a serviceable depth piece, but one of the Red Wings’ issues is they have too many depth pieces on the blue line.


When Green was in the lineup, he was great. He contributed offensively, although not so much on the power play. He played a little more than half a season and put up more than half of a point per game. It’s hard to grade him too high since he didn’t play much, but he took advantage of the time he did have.

Grade: B-