Winged Wheel Podcast – Athana-C-iou

The NHL Draft is becoming more and more uncertain as the Winged Wheel Podcast continues its prospect profiles, examines Detroit’s current and future depth at center, and everything else in the world of hockey!



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  • czechman

    hi guys a trade thought after the podcast and discussing double A’s ceiling and Mike Green[s possibility of going to Edmonton. i recall Edmonton being interested in nyquist and double A over the past year or 2 in trade rumors. we are going to have a comfortable amount of room considering the salary cap this coming season 19-20. in addition if doubles has a better season than last year and given his me 1st approach both on and off the ice he might be better looked upon as a trade chip rather than being resigned for big money long term – in reference to his limited 2 way play. here is a trade package that came to mind right after the podcast. we take lucic and his salary lock stock and barrel along with edmonton’s number 1 pick in 2019 & nugent hopkins. we give edmonton green, double A and Darren helm. if we need to sweeten the deal and K Holland has to save face on the 1st round draft pick they offer we offer one of our lower 2nd rounders. Lucic gets a 1 year try out and if he does not get back to form or the contract becomes a serious albatros given his performance and our needs we buy him out in 2020 2021. lucic could replace witkowski’s toughness, and most likely would score more goals than helm and could be an option as net front on the PP as rasmussen could use most of a year in GR. at the very least Lucic would have a positive effect on puck battling and could teach Mantha how to better use his size and be a tougher NHL forward on the boards. Green is a alberta boy and i believe helm is too. both doubles and Green could be flipped for draft picks at the trade deadline if things dont work out or Edmonton misses the playoffs. green on the PP and double AA should put up points for Edmonton and helm will help the PK which is also a problem for Edmonton. Franzen comes off the books in 20-21 and Weiss 21-22.