Steve Yzerman, Chris Illitch Release Statements on the Departure of Ken Holland

In case you somehow missed it, Ken Holland was officially named general manager of the Edmonton Oilers today. Despite signing a multi-year extension to move up the Red Wings head office hierarchy, Holland decided his time as a GM was not over. So he departed the team and city that he called home for the last 30+ years.

This was obviously not an easy decision for Holland or the Red Wings. The Detroit brass weighed in after the press conference, not only congratulating Holland, but praising his skills and successes as an NHL general manager.

The following are courtesy of the official Detroit Red Wings Twitter account:

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Both Steve Yzerman and Chris Illitch were surely hoping Holland would stay on for a little longer to ease the transition, but their former colleague and good friend still has the energy left in him to lead an NHL team. Holland has his work cut out for him in Edmonton, but there’s a strong foundation that contains the best player in the world. He’ll be just fine.

I think the question now is what kind of deals can good ole buddies Yzerman and Holland swindle that will benefit both teams? However this all plays out, the Red Wings are deeply in depth to Ken Holland for the last 30+ years of service. He brought a lot of success to Detroit.