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DISCUSSION: What would it take for you to trade the Red Wings 1st round pick?

We’re in the midst of a prolonged break from Red Wings hockey and, with the lack of team news and activity, I thought it might be fun to do some wild speculation.

The first round draft pick has always been a valuable asset. There’s a reason it’s frequently at the heart of blockbuster trades. The first round pick has the potential to completely change the outlook for an organization. The higher you pick in the first round, the better those odds are. So the further you go down the standings, the more valuable the pick becomes. For the Red Wings, there’s a good chance that this year’s first round pick is going to be at its highest value in nearly 30 years.

In the midst of a rebuild, the odds that the Red Wings move this first round pick are very close to zero. But if they want to get bold and do something crazy, it could fetch them a hell of a return.

So here’s the exercise I want you to partake in, dear reader: imagine you are now the general manager of the Detroit Red Wings. You have your reserved parking spot and keys to your box at Little Caesars Arena. Your phone is buzzing with trade requests from GMs around the league and hockey insiders trying to get the scoop. The future of the Detroit Red Wings franchise is in your hands. What would it take for you to trade your 1st round pick this year?

For me, I have a hard time seeing any scenario where this works, but if Keith Gretzky called me up and said, “Nick, let’s talk Connor”, I would be begging him to take my 1st. But when I think about it, there are players around the league who aren’t at McDavid’s level who would be worth it too. Would I do it for Erik Karlsson if he okays a sign-and-trade? Probably. I would also do it for a Mitch Marner or Nathan MacKinnon or Nikita Kucherov.

But would I do it for a Quinn Hughes or an Adam Boqvist or a Noah Dobson? No. I think the player I can pick in the first round might offer me a better chance than those guys.

In short, it would take a proven, elite-level NHL player for me to even start talking about moving my first round draft pick in 2019. If you don’t have one of those on the table, then don’t even bother calling me.

What would it take for you to move the 1st round pick? Let me know in the comments below.

      • Nick Seguin

        Oh yeah, I probably wouldn’t trade it either, but it’s fun to speculate. And I agree on the D-man, but the key is that he would have to be established. No unproven talent.

  • BMAN91

    I wouldn’t trade our pick and jeopardize the rebuild at this point. That being said there could be a bold move the Wings could kick tires on if the stars align that would expedite the rebuild process and take us from the basement to contenders as early as next season. I know in our position it sounds crazy to be buyers rather then sellers and miss out on loose for Hughes.. But what If we were to do both? Believe it or not the wings are in a good spot. We have young inexpensive roster players that are developing into contributing assets, a ton of draft capital and a lots of money coming off the books over the next two summers. Blash always says we need 3 elite players to contend.. So here’s how we do it.. There has been talk that if the Blues fall out of playoff contention they may listen to offers on Tarasenko ( despite his down year he’s as elite as they come) . If they do we offer AA, Ras , 2019 2nd rounder ( via Vegas) and our 2020 1st rounder for Tarasenko ( might not even take that much) . We deal away Howie and Gus for whatever picks we can acquire to ensure we dont climb the standings. July 1st we go all in on Artemi Panarin ( Tarasenko’s best bud which both have made it public they’d like to play together). Them along with Larkin gives us our 3 elite. Resign Howie to a low cost short term deal. Throw in Zadina, Veleno and Hughes ,Kakko, or Cozens on entry level contracts no we have a group capable of playing with the Bolts, Leafs and Bruins… it’s fun playing pretend GM but you never know lol

    • Nick Seguin

      I like the way you think, BMan! This is the kind of discussion I was hoping this post would generate. Those are the kinds of bold moves I would like to see!

  • BMAN91

    Agreed Nick! It’s been way to long since we’ve seen those types of moves. In the past when we have made them they brought success. All the great teams in today’s game are creative and innovative in the way they operate… we’ve sat stagnant way to long.. It’s a shame we weren’t able to sit in on this past weeks organizational meetings and make our case