Wings Post-Game: Red Wings Lose 6-2

Tonight, the Red Wings faced the reigning Stanley Cup Champions. Feeling good after a 3-2 win over the Los Angeles Kings, the Wings flew to Washington to take down the Caps. The result, however, was not what they were expecting.


  • The Wings dominated most of this game, but Jonathan Bernier got lit up. After the 5th goal, in the 2nd period, Jimmy Howard was called upon to take the reigns.
  • Alex Ovechkin scored a hat trick. Normally, the Red Wings are good at shutting him down. Tonight, though, he got the best of them.
  • Dylan Larkin scored, obviously.


This is a perfect example of when the Red Wings goaltending fails, so does the team. The boys at the Winged Wheel Pod talk about it all the time… This team’s underlying stats are bad. They always have been. This game is a good example of how when your goalie fails to show up, you lose.

It’s a tough loss, but ultimately, it’s a good reminder of where the Red Wings are right now.