Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Bertuzzi suspended for two games

What has caused a little bit of controversy among fans has resulted in a two-game suspension. Bertuzzi will be missing the next two games for unsportsmanlike conduct and roughing.

Announced earlier this afternoon, the NHL Department of Player Safety has suspended forward Tyler Bertuzzi a total of two games for the incident with Matt Calvert in Sunday night’s game against the Avalanche.

Here is a video of the incident:

As described in the video provided by the league, they view that because Bertuzzi dropped his gloves and delivered a punch to Calvert’s head from the bench, that this is deserving of two games – labeled as both unsportsmanlike conduct and roughing.

Also, how intentional the punch was to hurt Calvert and prevent him from returning to the on-ice play. They also view that since it was not a defensive play on the bench – such as avoiding an oncoming stick or puck that is entering the bench – that Bertuzzi deserved this suspension.

Calvert was also viewed as defenseless, being restrained by Larkin as Bertuzzi dropped his gloves and proceeded to punch the Avalanche forward.

The two games Bertuzzi will be missing are against the Tampa Bay Lightning tomorrow and the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday, December 4th.