Photo Credit: @DetroitRedWings

Highlights from Rasmussen’s Twitter Q&A

With the Wings coming back from their West coast trip and having a big practice day before they play the Leafs tomorrow night, the Red Wings twitter account had some fun this afternoon.

Michael Rasmussen was able to sit down and answer some fan questions. Here are our favorites:

Starting off with this skill-testing question – would Rasmussen rather fight one Joe Hicketts-sized duck or 100 duck-sized Joe Hicketts?

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From the hits we’ve seen Hicketts give, I would say that Rasmussen made the correct choice.

Moving on to other birds – what are Rasmussen’s top-5 flightless birds?

Sesame Street might have a fan in the young rookie forward, as he lists Big Bird as one of his favorite flightless birds. It’s concerning that he likes penguins though.

He might be three years away from singing this song like he really means it, but Rasmussen’s favorite Taylor Swift song is “22”.

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Maybe that’s the number of goals he scores this year.

He might seem fearless on the ice, but Rasmussen certainly has one fear that conquers them all.

You would think that someone that is 6-foot-7 wouldn’t really have a problem with heights. Maybe it’s that extra couple of inches he has on everyone else that makes it more terrifying to him.

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Everyone has a favorite hockey player growing up, but who was Rasmussen’s?

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Being from the Vancouver area, there was really no doubt. The Sedin twins have been cemented as legends in B.C. and all over the world. Let’s see if Rasmussen can absorb some of their powerplay magic.

Moving on to a much more successful and important franchise, Rasmussen answers what his favorite Red Wing of all time is.

Nice job by Rasmussen – complimenting your future boss like that.

It’s good to see the Red Wings twitter account have more fun with the young guys and show their personality in answering some fan questions.

Rasmussen and the Red Wings will face the Toronto Maple Leafs at home tomorrow night. Maybe this twitter interaction gave him the confidence to get his first NHL goal against the historic rival.