Q&A With Local Band Autumn Kings On Their Red Wings Connection

As the NHL preseason gets underway, the Detroit Red Wings are undergoing a lot of change. Not only are they adjusting to personnel changes on the ice, the team is also undergoing a re-brand that includes parting ways with fonts from the ’90s and ushering in a brand new Hockeytown logo. Part of this re-brand is finding a new goal song that will pump fans up when the team lights the lamp.

WingsNation has learned that one of the songs in the team’s consideration set is from local rock band Autumn Kings. We got in touch with the lead guitarist, Jake Diab, and asked him a few questions about the band, the song, and what it would mean to hear his riff blaring in Little Caesars Arena every time the team scores. Here’s what he had to say:

WN: Tell us a bit about Autumn Kings, where the band came from, and what you’re up to right now.

Jake Diab: Autumn Kings is a high-energy rock band from Windsor, Ontario. We are proud Canadians who love hockey, but we’ve recently settled down in Royal Oak, Michigan where I’m working as a songwriter for other artists and leading Autumn Kings. We are currently recording 10 songs for our second album.

WN: Who do you model your music after? Give us some of your biggest inspirations.

JD: Our big influences growing up were bands like Billy Talent, Sum 41, Green Day, Rise Against, and Metallica. More recently, we’ve been loving Twenty One Pilots and Imagine Dragons. We are also big Hip Hop fans – Eminem, 50 Cent, Russ… And we like the melodic hooks that are in current pop music. Maroon 5 is a big one. We incorporate all of these sounds into our music.

WN: Can you tell us about the song that the Red Wings are considering for their new goal song for the 2018-19 season?

JD: Matthew Prost, Pete Skorich and Tim Campbell are all stellar guys with the Wings organization. They have championed us and as a result of their efforts, our song Devil in Disguise has been an anthem at Detroit Red Wings games. I went to a couple of Wings games last season and saw the sold out arena’s reaction when Devil In Disguise came through the speakers. It was an unbelievable feeling. They will be debuting Devil in Disguise as the goal song during the preseason this week and I think it will be one of the most exciting goal songs the team’s ever had!

WN: How did you make contact with the Red Wings to become part of their consideration set?

JD: I reached out to the organization via e-mail. After they heard Devil in Disguise, they knew instantly that it would be a hit in the new arena. I get Snapchat messages and Instagram messages almost every week throughout the season from people who recognize the song at games. It’s an honor!

WN: Have you been to the new Little Caesars Arena yet? What do you think of the facilities?

JD: Absolutely beautiful, and everyone I’ve talked to is in awe at how incredible the building looks. Kid Rock’s restaurant is packed every time I go in there, and the staff are so wonderful. The arena itself is squeaky clean, and very modern looking. I’ll always love the Joe, but its tough to compete with the new arena! 

WN: Are all the band members Red Wings fans?

JD: I’m far and away the biggest hockey fan in the band. I grew up idolizing Datsyuk, Stevie Y, Z, and everyone else. I was dazzled by Datsyuk’s skills with the puck. I used to wake up every morning disappointed that it was only in my dreams that I met Pav. Then, my focus shifted to music and everything ended up working out. The other guys are casual hockey watchers who all like the Wings. If the game is on they’ll watch, but now that Devil in Disguise is getting played through the speakers every game, perhaps they’ll be watching more!

WN: What do you think of the direction of the team right now? What are you expecting from them this season?

JD: The Wings are going through a bit of a transition right now and I think they’re in for a tough year. That being said, they have a great balance of vets and young guys. And, of course, Jimmy will hold it down as always. I’m also feeling highly optimistic about the younger guys like Larkin and Bertuzzi. Expecting a few big wins! 

WN: Is there anything the fans can do to help “Devil In Disguise” become the new Red Wings goal song?

JD: Yes – Tag the Detroit Red Wings on every social media platform and include the hash tag #DevilInDisguise to remind them that they have one clear choice for the goal song! Everyone’s already loving the song in the arena; should be a no-brainer for them! 

WN: Where can we find you, either online or in person?

JD: We will be taking over Rockstar Music Hall in Windsor on Saturday, September 29th, playing our entire first record as well as 2 new unreleased tracks. The show will be a high-energy, packed, party. It is our first hometown show in close to 2 years. You can get your tickets here.

Also, Kid Rock has been a huge champion of Autumn Kings. We met Bob last week at his hot new restaurant inside the arena and had a great chat. We’ll be playing multiple shows in his restaurant before and after Wings games between October and February. If you see us there, come and say hi!

WN: And online?

JD: You can find us on every social media platform – just type in “Autumn Kings” and you’ll see us! For a full schedule of our shows, go to AutumnKings.com. Don’t forget to listen to Devil in Disguise and tag the Red Wings on social media! 

WN: Finally, which player do you think will be the reason fans at LCA hear your song the most this season?

JD: It’s a toss up between Anthony Mantha and Dylan Larkin. Both had huge years last year. Let’s go boys – don’t let us down!

WN: Jake, thanks so much for doing this.

JD: Anytime! Let’s go Red Wings!

If you like Autumn Kings’ style, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. What do you think of “Devil in Disguise” as the Red Wings new goal song? Sound off in the comments below!