The Wings Nation 2018 Mock Draft

Everyone else is doing it, so why not us? Besides, it’s not like anything interesting was going on in the NHL last night. So most of the staff at WingsNation.com got together in our Slack Channel and put together a mock draft.

The rules were simple: picks were randomly assigned and you can pick whoever you want.

We had some real fun while doing it, so I’ve included some of the commentary and banter from our chat between the picks. So enjoy our 2018 mock draft and let us know where our most idiotic picks are!

Okay, Buffalo is on the clock…

1st overall (Thomas Williams): Rasmus Dahlin, Buffalo



2nd overall (Ian Burgess): Andrei Svechnikov, Carolina

Ian: Ditto

Cameron: Carolina needs more grit tbh

3rd overall (Nick Seguin): Filip Zadina, Montreal

After my third overall pick, we experienced our first instance of technical difficulties as Graham couldn’t edit our shared spreadsheet.

Graham: I’m view only

Ian: Try refreshing, Graham

If only the Ottawa Senators could hit a refresh button to fix everything.

4th overall (Graham McMullen): Quinn Hughes, Ottawa

The explanation for that one? “Karlsson replacement”.

5th overall (John Beiser): Brady Tkachuk, Arizona

Up next, we’ve got the Detroit Red Wings and Cameron Kuom was on the clock.

Nick: The big one Cameron. Who’s it gonna be…….

Thomas: he’s going to take wahlstrom

6th overall (Cameron Kuom): Oliver Wahlstrom, Detroit


7th overall (Nick): Evan Bouchard, Vancouver

There were no comments on this pick.

8th overall (Ian): Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Chicago

Next up, we had the Rangers for their first of three picks.

9th overall (Thomas): Noah Dobson, New York Rangers

If any franchise could use a #proven #winner, it would be the Rangers. In 2048.

10th overall (John): Barrett Hayton, Edmonton

Graham: Hayton???

John: It’s Chiarelli

11th overall (Cameron): Dominik Bokk, New York Islanders

Galaxy brain.

This is where we had our second instance of technical difficulties as I had a revelation.

Nick: Yo did I fuck up? Shouldn’t teams have the same GM?

Adam: Probably.

I proceeded to do nothing about it.

12th overall (Graham): Adam Boqvist, New York Islanders (from Calgary)


13th overall (Nick): Vitali Kravtsov, Dallas

John: Nill goes back to the Russian well and leaves Farabee on the table. Controversy.

14th overall (Thomas): Joe Veleno, Philadelphia (from St. Louis)

Itssa spicy meatball cheese steak.

15th overall (Graham): Bode Wilde, Florida

Nick: It’s a Wilde-cat!

Thomas: Nick the Dad

16th overall (Ian): Joel Farabee, Colorado

Does it really matter who Colorado picks since they’ll probably end up with Jack Hughes next year?

John: Ty Smith is SLIDING

Thomas: He is better than this

17th overall (Cameron): Jonatan Berggren, New Jersey

With John on the board next, he knows just who he’s going to take.

18th overall (John): Ty Smith, Columbus

They can’t pass on the sliding Ty Smith.

19th overall (Ian): Serron Noel, Philadelphia

Ian: Needs time but could pay off big time

20th overall (Thomas): Rasmus Kupari, Los Angeles

Thomas: There’s some saunas in LA, I think.

21st overall (John): Grigori Denisenko, San Jose

Tarasenko lite

22nd overall (Cameron): Akil Thomas, Ottawa (From Pittsburgh)

Ian: Any chance Dellandrea makes it to 30 Friday night?

23rd overall (Nick): Ty Dellandrea, Anaheim

Nope, sorry Ian.

24th overall (Graham): Jake Wise, Minnesota

For the 25th overall pick, we invited Adam Laskaris, managing editor of The Leafs Nation, over to pick for his team, who will surely pick Ryan Merkley.

25th overall (Adam): Martin Kaut, Toronto

Adam: How did Kaut fall that far?

John: He was my choice if Denisenko was gone.

Adam: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

26th overall (Graham): Rasmus Sandin, New York Rangers (from Boston)

Nothing noteworthy here!

27th overall (Cameron): K’Andre Miller, Chicago (from Nashville)

John: Lundestrom is falling…

28th overall (Nick): Isac Lundestrom, New York Rangers (from Tampa Bay)

Adam: and boom goes the dynamite

With the 29th pick, we had our third instance of technical difficulties.

29th overall (Thomas): K’Andre Miller, St. Louis (from Winnipeg)

Graham: Thomas you dumbass

Nick: There can only be one K’Andre Miller

Thomas: lmao sorry!

29th overall (Thomas): Jake Wise, St. Louis (from Winnipeg)

Thomas: Oh for fuck’s sake

Graham: Get it together man

29th overall (Thomas): Calen Addison, St. Louis (from Winnipeg)

Thomas: THERE!

Next, the Wings were back on the board and John would be picking for them this time around.

John: I’m stumped.

Cameron: The pick is pretty obvious to me-

30th overall (John): Allan McShane, Detroit (from Vegas)

Cameron: Jett Woo

He wasn’t going to listen to you anyways, Cameron.

Thomas: McShane is honestly a good pick

31st overall (Ian): Ryan Merkley, Washington

Adam: who gives a shit they won the cup

Who gives a shit indeed. Thanks for reading everyone! Here’s the full list:

# GM NHL team Selection
1 Thomas Buffalo Sabres Rasmus Dahlin
2 Ian Carolina Hurricanes Andrei Svechnikov
3 Nick Montreal Canadiens Filip Zadina
4 Graham Ottawa Senators Quinn Hughes
5 John Arizona Coyotes Brady Tkachuk
6 Cameron Detroit Red Wings Oliver Wahlstrom
7 Nick Vancouver Canucks Evan Bouchard
8 Ian Chicago Blackhawks Jesper Kotkaniemi
9 Thomas New York Rangers Noah Dobson
10 John Edmonton Oilers Barrett Hayton
11 Cameron New York Islanders Dominik Bokk
12 Graham New York Islanders (from Calgary)1 Adam Boqvist
13 Nick Dallas Stars Vitali Kravtsov
14 Thomas Philadelphia Flyers (from St. Louis)2 Joe Veleno
15 Graham Florida Panthers Bode Wilde
16 Ian Colorado Avalanche Joel Farabee
17 Cameron New Jersey Devils Jonatan Berggren
18 John Columbus Blue Jackets Ty Smith
19 Ian Philadelphia Flyers Serron Noel
20 Thomas Los Angeles Kings Rasmus Kupari
21 John San Jose Sharks Grigori Denisenko
22 Cameron Ottawa Senators (from Pittsburgh)3 Akil Thomas
23 Nick Anaheim Ducks Ty Dellandrea
24 Graham Minnesota Wild Jake Wise
25 Adam Toronto Maple Leafs Martin Kaut
26 Graham New York Rangers (from Boston)4 Rasmus Sandin
27 Cameron Chicago Blackhawks (from Nashville)5 K’Andre Miller
28 Nick New York Rangers (from Tampa Bay)6 Isac Lundestrom
29 Thomas St. Louis Blues (from Winnipeg)7 Calen Addison
30 John Detroit Red Wings (from Vegas)8 Allan McShane
31 Ian Washington Capitals Ryan Merkley

For a complete overview of our draft coverage, make sure you check out 2018 Draft Guide:

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  • bobbo

    There are at least 5 players (still available in your mock) that the Wings take ahead if Wahlstrom at 6th. Holland would be crucified for leaving those defensemen on the board

    • bobbo

      Not that Wahlstrom isnt that good of a player to be ranked 6th best player, but Kenny has been less of a disciple of choosing the ‘best available player’ than other GMs in the past (last year’s draft alone is evidence of this). He’s always picked players that he thinks can fill-in holes/roles. And although Wahlstrom is good, I think he significantly benefitted from the addition of Jack Hughes the second half of the season.