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First Round Targets: ISAC LUNDESTROM

Why does every Swedish name make me think of Nicklas Lidstrom? It makes me miss him so much more.

Unlike Nick Lidstrom, Isac Lundestrom is a forward. EliteProspects.com has him listed as a C/LW. From Gallivare, Sweden, Lundestrom has spent a lot of time playing for his country at the international level. He’s spent time in the SHL in the last two seasons, but has played the majority of his playing career in the junior Swedish league. Let’s have a look at what kind of player he is.


Projected to go 8th overall among European players.


From EliteProspects.com

Like I said above, Lundestrom spent some time over the last two seasons in the SHL, but his numbers weren’t great. This is a mix of a lack of ice time, but also the fact that he was a seventeen-year-old playing against men. In his second season in the SHL, he doubled his points output. He will continue to improve as his body grows and he learns how to weave through the game at that level.

At the international level, Lundestrom played a mid-6 role on most of Sweden’s teams. Like in the SHL, his point totals won’t blow you away, but there’s enough there to know that he didn’t just disappear into pointlessness. He can be counted on to find both his teammates and the back of the net.


Lundestrom is kind of a jack of all trades. He isn’t outstanding in any one particular aspect of the game, but he’s very good at almost everything. He’s a good skater with high hockey IQ and the ability to finish. Defensively, he’s strong on the backcheck and doesn’t give up on a puck battle. He needs to add some muscle to his frame, but that will come with time. He’s quick on the transition and can easily slot in on either the power play or penalty kill.

Like I said, a jack of all trades.


Lundestrom will be a fine 2nd or 3rd line winger in the NHL. The Wings have plenty of those. If he isn’t an elite scorer or a top-2 defenseman, then he is not a first round match for the Red Wings. He is, however, the kind of player Red Wings management loves. Maybe if he’s available at 30, they reach for him, but I highly doubt it. He doesn’t fulfill any needs for this roster.


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