GOTTA SEE IT: Red Wings Welcome Back Tomas Tatar With Tribute Video

As is customary for teams to do when a long-time player is traded away, the Detroit Red Wings welcomed Tomas Tatar back to Little Caesars Arena after his two week absence with an in-arena tribute video.

The video contains some of his career highlights, such as his Calder Cup victory with the Grand Rapids Griffins, and his most highlight-reel goals as a Red Wing. It also contains a lot of his goal celebrations, which I never realized were so entertaining.

The tribute lacked the emotional punch that so many of these have, but Tatar was only a Red Wing for four years and the team didn’t win any serious accolades while he was with them. It’s not like Marc Andre Fleury returning to Pittsburgh or Patrick Marleau returning to San Jose. Tatar was merely a top-6 winger in Detroit who was never really in the spotlight. Still, he was our top-6 winger.

Because of his offensive prowess and and ability to come up big when the team needed him to, Tatar became a fan favourite. He also grew up in the Red Wings’ system, so he meant a lot to the team and the team meant a lot to him. For the last time Tatar steps foot in Little Caesars Arena this year, this video provides closure to all parties.

Of course, no video tribute is complete without the player’s reaction:

Like I said, it kinda lacks the emotional kick these things normally have. There were no tears. He almost forgot to even stand up and waive the crowd. What could possibly be going through his mind? Most likely, it was visions of a Stanley Cup. The Golden Knights are playoff bound and they left the Wings in the dust last night.

Because of Tatar’s addition, the Vegas Golden Knights have become the team in the West that I’m cheering for this April.

    • D-Boss

      I mean… We kinda do just by showing up every game. Plus, the games are chock full of highlights on the big screen throughout. This was more of a “Thanks for your time here” video.

      • CptStupendous

        Absolutely. Highlights on the big screen are marketing tools (to some degree this tribute is as well). As fans we do show our appreciation in many ways, but rarely do we see franchises showing this type of ‘tip of the hat’ to players currently on the roster. It’s human nature to appreciate something when it is gone, maybe we could find value by appreciating it while it’s still around? That said, I’m with you D-Boss.