REPORT: Green Injured, Out Tonight and Probably Tomorrow

Saturday mornings are usually a nice time to take it easy and forget about your worries. Unfortunately for Red Wings fans, this morning we learned our dream Trade Deadline might be more of a dream than we initially thought.

As long as he is healthy by the end of this week, we can all rest easy.

Green is the only player on this Red Wings team that we know for sure will be gone come February 26th. Hopefully this injury doesn’t change that – or his selling price.

On most “Trade Bait” lists, Green is the top defenceman and he currently deserves that spot.

29 points in 56 games this year makes him 5th among all Red Wings players this year and 29th among all defenceman in the league. He is also 14th among defenceman in Power Play Assists, with 12.

A significant amount of his points coming on the man advantage, but if you’re a team looking for a deep playoff run, a Power Play quarterback could be just the thing you need to take advantage of those opportunities.

Micah Blake McCurdy – hockeyviz.com

The Wings much more high danger opportunities infront of the net on the PP with Green as their own quarterback – this is what teams are paying for in the playoffs.

All of this could be just precautionary to make sure he’s healthy at the deadline or just to keep him out against two of the top teams in the league, just so he doesn’t look terrible.

This is the time of the year that can make your year worth while or a wasted opportunity.

A team could think they are getting damaged goods or a defenceman with too many miles on his body and won’t be able to fully play some playoff hockey.

I just hope that Green is okay, along with Wings fans hope of a successful Trade Deadline.

Kenny would need to be a Snake Oil Salesman.

  • Wings2426

    Does anyone know for certain how much a coach has input to the trade deadline . I know it’s different everywhere but some inside info would be helpful