Q&A With Local Band Autumn Kings On Their Red Wings Connection

As the NHL preseason gets underway, the Detroit Red Wings are undergoing a lot of change. Not only are they adjusting to personnel changes on the ice, the team is also undergoing a re-brand that includes parting ways with fonts from the ’90s and ushering in a brand new Hockeytown logo. Part of this re-brand…


Red Wings should give Larkin, Mantha and Bertuzzi line a long leash

Trusting young hockey players can be tough for head coaches in the NHL. Unless you’re lucky enough to snag one of the small handfuls of generational talents that come along every few years, skaters in their early 20s have a lot of work to do before developing into trustworthy veterans. Figuring out how to bridge…


Zetterberg’s Retirement Is Unlike Red Wings Captains Before Him

The Detroit Red Wings have been very fortunate. In the last 32 years, the team has only cycled through three captains and all three of them happened to be legendary players. When Steve Yzerman retired, Nicklas Lidstrom was there to take over the reins. When Lidstrom called it quits, Henrik Zetterberg was there to carry…


Three Things to Watch for During Preseason

Training camp/preseason can be quite the drag. We all just want the regular season to start since the results actually matter. Nevertheless, it’s all part of the process. We’re forced into arguments of who the 7th defensemen should be, overreact to PTO signings, and so on and so forth. But in the end, this stuff…


Winged Wheel Podcast – Yzerman, Karlsson, and The Metro Preview

Steve Yzerman. Erik Karlsson. Metropolitan Division. Seguin. All of the hockey news in the world happened and we didn’t shy away from it. This episode is a doozy and we can’t wait for it to grace your ears. Special thanks to Alison Lukan (@AlisonL) for the amazing interview!     Patreon WWP Apparel iTunes Soundcloud…


Should the Red Wings Retire Henrik Zetterberg’s Number?

According to Thesaurus.com, there are 33 different ways to say “yes.” Upon seeing the question in this column’s headline, odds are good that you exclaimed one of those 33 words or phrases. If you check the link on Twitter, at least one or two people have probably stopped by to grant their own “yes,” without…


Could Steve Yzerman Save the Red Wings?

Could it be? Could Steve Yzerman finally be coming home?! Well, that fantasy became a little more real on Tuesday as Yzerman shocked the hockey world by stepping down as general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning.