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Postgame: No Star Power in Dallas

Well, it had to happen at some point. After a couple of wins to start the year, the Wings are now no longer undefeated.

It was pretty ugly, the Wings didn’t look that great, and now they’ve faced their first adversity of the season.
Where do they go from here? Up? Down? Sideways? Draft Lottery? Stanley Cup Contenders? Well, we won’t find any of that out just yet, but at the very least, we know that they’ve got some work to do.

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1st period

The Wings were nowhere to be seen for the first five minutes of the game, giving up the game’s first seven shot attempts in a row. Not a great streak.

It didn’t immediately bite them, but to no one’s real surprise, they found themselves down 1-0.

The Wings weren’t shelled quite as hard the rest of the way through the first 20, but also, gave up this laser beam of a shot to one of the game’s best forwards:

Confidence that the Red Wings could come back? None, really.

2nd period

Look, the Red Wings were down 2-0, and they don’t have a great roster. They were outplayed pretty badly in big stretches of the first period.

But if that Michigan connection from Adbelkader means nothing, I’d like to see proof. Because damn son, he hit a good shot. The Detroit Red Wings scored a goal on their power play, and no, this is not a drill. Remember last season?

But then Petr Mrazek did something. I’m honestly not even really sure how to describe what he did, but it was bad and he let up a bad goal.

If you really want to show yourself the highlight, I’m not even going to link it. It was that ugly.

3rd period

So the Wings found themselves in a tough hole. Down two in the third.

Dylan Larkin hit a post at one point on a rush, and there were a few “that was close moments”, but honestly, the Wings didn’t really look that competitive.

So they called on that dude who scores a lot. He did that.

3-2 Wings. Would they come back? Could they come back?

The answer to both was no. Are you surprised? Probably not.

Dallas added an empty netter, and that was it. 4-2 final score. Goodnight, folks!

As a whole, this was just a “bleh” game that we’d gotten used to last season. Just not a real great effort, poor execution and few real chances to believe.

Motor City MVP

Probably gotta be Mantha, to be honest. Not only did he pick up the goal, he picked up a 64% Corsi For, in a little over 18 minutes of icetime. He’s not bad at all.

Key stats takeaways

Dallas picked up a 4.32 xG (expected goals) in this one, while Detroit managed just a 1.87. Either the stats are lying, or Detroit just really wasn’t able to create high percentage opportunities. Probably going with the latter.

Up next

Red Wings take their talents to Arizona tomorrow at 10 PM ET.

Better luck next time, boys.