Photo Credit: UCN Live

Probert Returns to the Joe for the Final Time

As Wings fans are well aware, Bob Probert spent much of his nine seasons with the Red Wings in the penalty box. He wracked up 2,098 penalty minutes with the Red Wings and holds the record for most penalty minutes in a season with 398 penalty minutes. It’s only fitting that his final resting place would be the very place he spent much of his NHL career: the penalty box at the Joe Louis Arena. 

Probert, who suffered a fatal heart attack in 2010, returned to the penalty box at the Joe Louis Arena for the final time after hosting its last game on Sunday night. His wife, Dani Probert, told the Detroit Free Press the following in regards to Bob’s ashes:

“This is bittersweet for me,” said Dani Probert, widow of former Wings enforcer Bob Probert. “I have brought some of Bob’s ashes to the game. At Christmas time, I came here with my family and the urn with his ashes and we took a photo of us sitting in the penalty box.”

The Joe Louis Arena will always house the memories of the Red Wings dynasty and the legends that were a part of it, and now one of these legends will remain as it closes its doors for good. Bob Probert has returned home and we couldn’t think of a more perfect final resting place for the Wing’s enforcer. Rest easy, Probie.

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