NHLNotebook: Gold Medal games and the shootout, Datsyuk’s NHL return and hot dogs = sandwiches?


The NHLN Notebook is a semi-regular feature of interesting hockey content from the past few days that doesn’t quite deserve its own article.  

In today’s notebook, we talk about shootouts, Datsyuk’s return to the NHL and Bryzgalov being Bryzgalov.

IIHF to axe gold shootouts?

Could this be the end of these silly shootouts to decide international gold medal games? According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, investigations from IIHF Canadian and American officials are on going to determine some potential scenarios to berid of the the gold medal shootout. Conversations seem to be in the early stages. 

The 2017 World Juniors ended in controversy when the Americans took down the Canadian in a shootout. Many felt the game shouldn’t have ended the way it did given the incredibly high stakes at play. The game was one for the record books being one of the most exciting WJ final games in recent memory.

There are lots of ways that these types of games could be finished. The IIHF could play continual three-on-three, four-on-four or five-on-five and not turn a gold medal opportunity into the hands of a skills competition. 

Pavel Datsyuk to make NHL return

Okay, not quite. Datsyuk of course left the NHL after last season to play with the KHL’s SKA Saint Petersburg where he has put up 24 points in 33 games. Over the course of his 15 year career with the Detroit Red Wings, Datsyuk put up 918 points over 953 NHL games effectively making him one of the best players in the last decade. 

It has been confirmed by his agent that Datsyuk will be back in North America to attend the 2017 NHL All-Star game. While it is unconfirmed why he will be there, it is believed that he will be there to be named as one of the NHL’s top 100 players. 

The NHL has begun naming the NHL’s top 100 players in history, and started by naming the first 33. It was setup so that the first 33 players played between 1917-1966. The remaining 67 players will be announced at the All-Star game, and will have played between 1967 and present day.

Are hot dogs sandwiches?

Hoooh boy, this one is good.

Ilya Bryzgalov is a character, everyone knows that. For a long time, he has been a great quote for NHL reporters, which is something that as a reporter I love. Bryz is back now and did a mailbag piece for the Players Tribune and answered the crucial question everyone wants to know:

Are hot dogs sandwiches?

Now, I for one firmly believe that hot dogs are sandwiches. A piece of meat between two slices of bread. Connected pieces of bread or not, hot dogs still remain sandwiches. 

Bryz and I may need to have a chat about this one. 

The latest from Laing:

  • Spydyr

    I hate shoot-outs. I understand in the NHL regular season the game has to end but adding five more minutes of 3 on 3 would eliminate many shoot-outs.

    As for medal games there is no way they should be decided in shoot-outs. Even if they play 3 on 3 that is a better solution.

    • Maple Mousse

      I think for the tournament playoffs this might work well, indeed.

      Obviously shootouts have their purpose in certain scenarios (like a long and grueling Regular Season), because they don’t want the game to just keep dragging on and on etc.

      But in tournament playoffs, maybe having those 5-10 minute (5 might be easier on the players if not in the Gold Medal Game) incremental OTs with progressively shortened number of players?

      Start with 5v5 again, then 4v4, then 3v3? Or skip right to 4v4 then progress to 3v3?

  • I don’t know what’s worse a shootout to decide the gold medal game or someone trying to tell me that a hot dog is a sandwich.

    It’s not even about the bread it’s about the meat itself. A wiener is a wiener. Just like a hamburger patty is a hamburger patty. If you put either of those between bread they are a hot dog and a Hamburger respectively.

    Alternatively if you sliced up either of those things and put them between bread you could call it a sandwich but only a psycho would do such a vile thing.

  • socaldave

    You are CLEARLY insane. In no rational world can a hot dog be a sandwich. The only way you could even CONSIDER a hot dog a sandwich is if you cut it in half, then in quarters and then use real sandwich bread. Any other scenario? NOT A SANDWICH!

  • Maple Mousse

    A Frankfurter, or Hot Dog, Sandwich is most definitely a sandwich (and this could go for any type of sausage in any type of roll, not just the typical Frankfurter), by any definition of the word.

    “Definition: frankfurter; especially : a frankfurter heated and served in a long split roll

    The word hot dog refers either to the sausage that you buy squeezed in a plastic package with 7 or so of its kind, or to the same sausage heated and served in a long split roll.

    When it’s served in the roll, it’s also a sandwich.

    We know: the idea that a hot dog is a sandwich is heresy to some of you. But given that the definition of sandwich is “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between,” there is no sensible way around it. If you want a meatball sandwich on a split roll to be a kind of sandwich, then you have to accept that a hot dog is also a kind of sandwich.”


  • PDX Tier 2 Fan

    Even if the IIHF gets rid of shootouts for the gold medal game in the Worlds and World Juniors, I fear we will still see them at the Olympics. The gold medal hockey game (for men) is always scheduled in the afternoon of the last day, finishing an hour or two prior to the closing ceremonies. The IOC would never agree to a format in which an OT game could run into the start of those ceremonies.

  • 24% body fat

    Ive liked Kassian since he came to Edmonton, but come on with last night. An old buddy and multiple time team mate meant to give you a shot, it went worse than expected and you got cut. Arent you the big tough guy? suck it up. Go confront him if you want, but no need to drop the gloves and jump him. He did not intend to injure you.

    Did you forget what you did to Sam Gagner and were never willing to drop the gloves to pay for it.

    I like Kassian but lets not turn into a Cooke, Kessler, Burrows, type POS here.

    I also love how people say it drew the penalty by him going after Hall. No it didnt. The play ended. The linesman who saw the play, than saw blood and it became his authority to make the call. If Kassian wasnt bleeding the linesman can not stop the play to make the call, or even make the call. Once it was stop and blood was proven he could tell the ref to make the call.

  • 24% body fat

    So if Lucic is making 6×7 what is Maroon going to want and deserve relative to lucic and eberles contract,

    Remember, Maroon hits and fights just as much. He is a better skater, he fits with McDavid (which is super valuable regardless of how much work connor does), better hands, and better shooter.

    If poo was playing the way he did most of the year last year, than this lucic contract which is horrible in the first place would be 100 times worse.

    • Looch#27

      Slagging Lucic for doing what he’s done his whole career?!? Intimidate the opposition ✅ score goals and put up points relative to his career✅ Help lead this team and teach our rookies what it means to be a NHL playerS✅ No players perfect even McDavid makes mistakes and the closer we get to the playoffs the larger Lucic well look. Who would bet that Maroon would turn into this? Guy has never put up more then 14 goals and stands as one of PCs best moves hands down but I bet he never though Maroon is going to put up 30 for us

      • 24% body fat

        I dont see him doing intimidating out there. you have to keep up with the player to intimidate them. Scoring goals sure on the PP, but he has probably missed more tap in than he has score.

        And who would have bet Maroon would have turned into this? well maybe not this good but anyone who watched him last year.

        And how is it a good move by a GM to sign a player when he wanted to come here to the exact contract he was offered. When you have leverage you should get a deal not give him what he was offered plus more. Let alone when there is proven track record of this type of player significantly falling off at that age.

        That Lucic contract is going to make it extremely difficult to sign maroon. And in two years I would rather have maroon at 4.5 than lucic at 6

        • RJ

          The hype for some signings by Chiarelli are way over-blown. Sekera was a top UFA, and he came to Edmonton. But they over-paid in AAV and term for his services. There really wasn’t a steal there. Same as Lucic. Overpay in AAV and term, and Lucic comes. Doesn’t really scream genius.

          Let’s all remember that UFAs wouldn’t sign here for a lot of years. Does Chiarelli deserve credit for changing that? Not really. These guys want to play with McDavid, and they’re getting top dollar and extra term, so why wouldn’t they come? If we are really being honest here, did they come to be part of the “Chiarelli Era” or to play with McDavid, the best player in hockey, and he’s only just turned 20? Seems obvious to me.


    The shootout was cool for the first few seasons and now it’s lame. Taking a team game and turning it into an individuals game. The 3 on 3 is usually the most exciting part of the game. And I know it would be detrimental to this season, but get rid of the loser point.