Red Wings debut Centennial Classic jerseys

centennial classic jerseys

As the Centennial Classic approaches, the Detroit Red Wings will soon face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Tiny bits of info have been trickling out to the media and finally some big news has come, the unveiling of the suave Red Wings’ centennial jerseys.

The opinions thus far have been varied, some think they lack the normal Red Wings heart. The addition of the silver throws it a bit off but otherwise they are pretty good. 

The outdoor game has gotten a bit tired at this point, it is just a fact of the game. When you do multiple versions of this game it loses some of it’s luster.

One of the best parts is seeing the jerseys and different variations they make each year. Especially with the original six teams that keep making it into these games.

While the silver stripes around the arm may be out of place, they give the Wings an excuse to brag about their Stanley Cup wins. Gotta do that every chance that you get.

The Wings may not be winning games but these jerseys should be a good distraction for the next couple of days. You have to wonder if you get a Larkin jersey if it comes with that silly looking mustache. It has to be included, right?