Nation Network Statement on the Closing of General Fanager


On Monday night the Nation Network learned, along with the rest of the hockey world, that NHL salary resource was off-line for good.

It was only two months ago that the Nation Network consummated a deal to purchase and bring Mr. Poraszka into the Nation Network fold in a full-time capacity. Though Mr. Poraszka notified us of his intentions to take on a tremendous opportunity with the Las Vegas expansion franchise, we didn’t have any advance notice that the site – which we attempted to buy and maintain – would go off-line.

Having a member of our team leave the Network to work in the NHL isn’t new to us. We’ve dealt with this before and we always support our employees when they get an opportunity to work in professional hockey. That’s the dream and we don’t begrudge anyone for living it.

The Nation Network regrets, however, that some of our users felt misled by our earlier purchase announcement or believed that it was an internal decision to shut down This perception couldn’t be further from the truth. This wasn’t our call and we were disappointed with Mr. Poraszka’s unilateral decision to shut down the site and pull out of our acquisition deal without notice. 

We would like to formally apologize to’s passionate user base. It was our sincere hope to keep the site on-line

The Nation Network remains committed to housing, or building, and maintaining a top-end publicly available NHL salary database and we intend on working hard to find a plan B. Having a site like available for the benefit of hardcore hockey fans everywhere is in the public interest and our commitment to providing that to the on-line hockey community remains steadfast.

For Wanye’s statement, click here.

    • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

      They didn’t “make a poor investment”, because the investment was never made. Poraszka backed out of the deal. They could, presumably, sue him.

  • Killer Marmot

    Since we have management’s attention, this site has been hit by mimic trolls, people who use the same monikers as regular commenters in order to confuse and annoy.

    As an example, someone has been posting as “Killer Marmot” recently who is not me. I’m now always logged in, so that the real Killer Marmot has his name appearing in color, but of course people don’t know to check that.

    This is ruining your customers’ enjoyment of the site, and thus harming your investment.

    It might be time to insist that all commenters be registered and logged in.

    I apologize for being off topic.

    P.S: I’m talking about the “Canucks Army” site. I think other sites already insist that commenters be logged in.

  • Bob Long

    Its just business. McPhee obviously doesn’t want other teams to benefit from the expansion draft tool, and why should he? Good for GF. I’m going to miss it, but its nice to see someone succeed too.

  • krutov

    i am assuming you didn’t have a firm deal. either you hadn’t worked out all the details, or it was not a firm deal yet because you guys also wanted an out if the integration could not be made to work.

    and then vegas outbid you.

    the lesson is not to roll out a deal that is not firm. sorry it didn’t work out.

  • wojohowitz

    Sounds like a MOU with an out clause rather than a contract with compensation included with an out clause. Jumping the gun is senior managements fault. No out clause is the negotiators fault while no out clause with a signed contract would be your lawyers fault. Lesson learned maybe…

  • Steve Dangle gives generalfanager a good send off and provides a lot of context for its demise and existence in the first place. Worth a watch:

    Definitely feel for you Nation Networkers, but stoked for Poraszka and his new dream career.