The Red Wings gloves off high-fiving celebration is the best thing to happen to them in years

Okay, the title might contain a little hyperbole. But let’s not pretend that this celebration isn’t loads of fun.

In case you missed it, the Wings won 5-1 last night over the Boston Bruins in a preseason game. That’s fun and all, but the best part was by far this celebration, pulled out after Luke Glendenning put the Wings up 3-1.

And then, Drew Miller scored. So they did it again.

Drew Miller was quoted by WEEI after the game about the celebration, which involved primarily the Wings fourth line.

“It’s just something fun we were doing in training camp, just messing around,” Miller said after the game. “We said we’d do it on our first goal. We didn’t think it would be this soon, but we’re just having fun building chemistry. I thought all the guys on the bench got a good chuckle out of it.”
“If we can keep scoring, we’re going to do it,” Miller said. “Hopefully we can keep scoring more goals.”

The move falls in a similar category to the handshake celebration pulled out by Cliff Pu of the London Knights last season.

Hockey is supposed to be fun and high-tempo, and slowing it down to something as simple as a barehand high-five or handshake is, well, just simply awesome.