Red Wings sign Sproul, Griffins sign Cleary

How worried were you that the Wings wouldn’t re-sign Ryan Sproul? No seriously, were you worried?

Today, in one of two deals signed by the team, Sproul re-signed for two years:

But perhaps more fun, there was the second deal announced:

We arrived to that point in the offseason where we thought it’d never happen. But then, of course, it did. There was the eternal king of the Red Wing organization one-year deal.

Neither move is overly surprising, as Sproul’s definitely still waiting on a proper NHL chance, and Cleary is well, Cleary.  Though I think it’s interesting to see Cleary keep going at this point. He’s obviously well, well, past his prime and serving more as a mentor than a real roster player. 

Fun fact: Cleary was one of four players 30 years of age or older on the Griffins last year, along with Nathan Paetsch, Jeff Hoggan, and Triston Grant.