Gordie Howe to be honored with statue in Saskatoon

It has been a few months since Gordie Howe passed away but it sounds like he has now found a permanent resting place. In his home province of Saskatoon, they will erect a statue of “Mr. Hockey” in his honor where his cremated remains will finally be laid to rest. The move comes at the request of the family.

CKOM News explains the logistics of the move:

“The Saskatoon Blades and SaskTel Centre are planning other activities for Sept. 25 to pay tribute to Howe and coincide with the statue commemoration. 

SaskTel Centre will cover the costs of the project up to a maximum of $6,000, and the Saskatoon Blades will cover any costs over and above that amount. 

If the ashes are ever moved, the city will have to ask the province to rescind the cemetery designation at the statue location.”

Howe, who was born in Floral, Saskatchewan, spent 16 years in the town before he began his legendary career.

This will properly honor Howe and all that he meant to his friends, family and teammates. His legacy will surely endure and this statue is going to make sure of that.