Red Wings made pitch to Jimmy Vesey, don’t make his short list

It turns out Jimmy Vesey is one picky player. It has been reported by M Live that the Red Wings made a pitch to him, yet didn’t make the players short list. Vesey, this past year’s Hobey Baker winner is drawing attention from all over the NHL. Now that he is a UFA as of last night, the news around him has reached a fever pitch.

Vesey has repeatedly stated he wants to play closer to home, curiously, he still has teams like Chicago and Toronto on his list. Should the Red Wings be more offended they aren’t on his list?

The teams on Vesey’s short list include Chicago, New Jersey, the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Buffalo and his hometown Bruins. Some close to his Boston home and others a 8+ hour drive away.

Let’s be clear before we get to into this. He has the opportunity to make a decision that is best for him. If he wants to go to the Blackhawks, that is his decision. The pearl clutching around his decision is extremely goofy. When given the chance to make a decision that may effect the rest of your life, I would use every resource around me to come to a solid conclusion. Some may describe it as selfish but plainly, they are wrong. Don’t make a short sighted decision when you can hear from multiple other franchises. It is just that simple.

Red Wings assistant general manager Ryan Martin had this to say about the Vesey situtation to M Live:

“We did our best, we spoke to his agent about depth and opportunity. He said he preferred to play closer to home.”

The quote while short and sweet is another strike against the Red Wings organization and the cache they used to have around the league. They may not grab every player they want but they are generally in the conversation. 

The fact that the Red Wings have veterans blocking potential playing time for Vesey doesn’t help either. Is the sheen coming off of the Red Wings?

In reality Vesey is going to be a bottom six option for a team next year and isn’t going to set the NHL on fire. The perception around not making the short list is damaging and will only add to the whispers of the Red Wings old school thinking. It is always better to be in the position of saying “thanks, but no thanks” and the Red Wings haven’t been in that position in quite a while.