NHL.com says the Wings aren’t very good in your fantasy draft, and they’re right

Here at Wings Nation, we’ve been among the leaders in the anti-Wings brigade, the counterculture, whatever you want to call it. Basically, we’re, as a whole, not overly confident in the team’s future going forward. With a unique mix of Wings fans and non-Wings fans, we’ve come to criticise many of the moves made by the organisation since our inception.

Yesterday, NHL.com released their fantasy hockey rankings for this upcoming season, written by noted fantasy writer Pete Jensen. 

Jensen ranked four Red Wings in his rankings of 200 players. Simply put, that’s just not very good at all.

Truthfully, it isn’t overly important the source of the rankings. At the end of the day, he’s just a writer on a website, even if that website is an official team source.

But the problem for the Wings (and the overly loyal fantasy players in the fanbase) is, there’s really no reason to prove him wrong.

Dylan Larkin, as you might have guessed, was the highest rated Red Wing, at #119, followed by Henrik Zetterberg at #122, Petr Mrazek at #124, and Frans Nielsen at #172.

See, the actual rankings themselves aren’t that important. You win games not by your fantasy ranking, but by scoring more goals than the other team.

The biggest issue is that idea behind it, and what is says about the Wings’ perception across the league. Having just four players in the top 200 in a team that’s trying to make the playoffs doesn’t look good when teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs (5), Ottawa Senators (5), Montreal Canadiens (7),  Buffalo Sabres (7), Boston Bruins (8), Florida Panthers (10), and Tampa Bay Lightning (10) all have more players ranked. For those counting at home, that’s the entire Atlantic Division.     

There isn’t much more to say other than, well, the Wings probably need a better roster than the one they’ve got right now. Also, if you’re trying to win your fantasy league… try to steer clear of the Red Wings.