Mitch Callahan re-signs with Wings for one year

The key to any good organization is the ability to secure depth and improve your team from the top, down. It starts with drafting and then filling out your AHL roster. You never know when you are going to need someone in a moments notice. So when the Red Wings announced that they were re-signing Mitch Callahan to a one-year deal worth 600k dollars, it was definitely welcoming news.

Drafted in the sixth round by the Red Wings, the team may have thought they found themselves an underrated gem in Callahan. His career though has had it’s ups and downs. Scoring as many as 44 points in a season, it looked like Callahan may get some longer stints in the NHL. Only one appearance in the NHL so far, the clock is ticking on him as his window of opportunity is beginning to shut.

The signing overall isn’t a bad one. He puts points up and fills a valuable role on the team. This is a show me contract for the player, who is only on a one year deal. The fact that his point totals have gone down each season isn’t a good sign and isn’t doing him any favors.

As the Red Wings continue to fill out their roster, Callahan won’t be a player they regret signing. The onus is no longer on the team, who has provided multiple chances to the Californian born player. Will he rise to the challenge?