The best answers from #AskEvgeny

Anytime a player has a Twitter Q&A, it can be an interesting exercise. Some ravenous fans can take the entire thing over and make it into something gross. Luckily, the Red Wings did a pretty good job with Evgeny Svechnikov and kept it mostly on topic. He was a good sport and gave some great answers as well. Here are the best of the best.

It started off simple enough.

Pretty harmless, right? Then he comes out firing.

Kid is talking about championships already. He really must be a Red Wing.

Then he starts to challenge some of the tweeters.

I can’t confirm or deny that he can bench that much but that is a crazy amount. Maybe he is the Russian hulk?

Is someone going to break it to him that puppy isn’t a breed? Either way, it is a pretty adorable answer.

Now that is how you integrate yourself into a fan base. 

That’s a clown fish question, bro.

Wow, Svechnikov is a smart, smart man.

Somebody get this guy a FitBit. Needs to start counting those calories.

Pretty combative answer. I like the path he is taking on this one. 

Apparently, Svechnikov is a man for hire. If your team needs a pick me up , he is there for you.

Good answer.

This has to be the cutest answer someone can give to this question. Broken english and all.

Now this is how you end a Q&A, promising friendship to anyone that asks. He is truly a man of the people.