With the 20th overall selection in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft the Red Wings have drafted Dennis Cholowski out of the BCHL. 

He started turning heads in the second half of the BCHL playoffs where he managed to put up 15 points in 20 playoff games. As the 23rd overall ranked North American skater the Wings did go off the board slightly with the pick as many believed they were eyeing Russian, German Rubtsov

Standing 6′ tall and 170lbs this kid will need some time still until he’s close to NHL ready. He’s committed to St. Cloud State University where he’ll have a few years to mature in the NCAA program which is only getting more competitive. 

Wings Nation’s own Scott Maxwell wrote Cholowski’s draft profile stating that while he’d likely be available to the Wings at their selection, he’s not going to be the best player available. His prediction stands correct still as there was a lot of talent still available to the Wings at pick 20. But the team had a need, and that need is on the back end. With all the other notable defenceman off the board already, the Wings went for what they thought was the best defenceman available. 

This is a longterm pick so it will take years to truly grade the selection but for now the general consensus seems to be that there may have been a better pick on the board.