NHL 2016 Draft Radar: Jacob Moverare

Jacob Moverare’s an interesting player in this year’s draft. By some accounts, he’s a first round pick. He’s rated 12th on the NHL Central Scouting service list, and is fourth among European skaters. But plenty of services don’t even have him in the first round – falling as low as 135 on McKeen’s list. He could go really anywhere on draft day from round 1-7, even, but the question on everyone’s mind is: will that place be Detroit?

The stats


There’s a lot to like about both his stats and his awards resume. This is a guy who tends to win awards just about wherever he goes.

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The Eye Test

 From Steve Kournianos, thedraftanalyst.com:

We’ve been impressed with his quickness and first step, but what’s key is that he identified it as an area in need of improvement. Moverare is calm and collected in his own end, but don’t let it fool you — he can transition from defense to offense in a hurry.

Does He Fit in With The Red Wings?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Swedish players and the Red Wings have been a natural fit over the years. He won’t be picked up at #16, but as a second or third round target? A man overlooked by many scouts, Jacob might just be making a not-so-rare move to Detroit come draft day.