2016 NHL Draft Radar: Dennis Cholowski


Photo via Global News

Detroit has many holes going into the draft, especially with Datsyuk confirming that he’s going to Russia for the final year of his contract. One of their biggest holes is defense, as has been the case for the last four years since Lidstrom left. While he certainly won’t be anything close to a Nicklas Lidstrom (or will he), Dennis Cholowski is a highly skilled defenseman that would certainly be available at Detroit’s 16th pick. Should he be an option that Detroit considers?


Dennis had a solid season in the BCHL, which saw him get 40 points to finish 69th overall. Not bad for a defenseman who is a ’98 draft year in a league with ’95s. However, he did play for the second place Chilliwack Chiefs, so he might be the subject of having a lot of good passing options on his team.


He could very well be a potential fit for the Wings. He’s a smart defenseman, and plays a 200 foot game, with very good gap control. Not only that, but he’s also very good offensively, with very good skating ability, and he has the potential to be that defenseman that the Wings are looking for in a few years. But, he’s been ranked between 18th and 51st, so he’d be too high for the first round pick, and too low for the second round pick. However, if Detroit is looking for a defenseman in the draft, it’s most likely he’ll be available at the 16th, so if all the other options are gone, he certainly is one. However, I wouldn’t take him them, as there are certainly better options in this years draft.