Johan Franzen continues to have the best Instagram account

Whether you are taking a picture of food or positioning yourself for the perfect selfie. Trying to maximize your Instagram likes is nearly an art form. It comes down to people having a lot of time on their hands and as of right now, no one has more free time then Johan Franzen. He is perfecting his social media presence with every post. His post from today may top them all.

We have seen some all time great posts in the past. Roasting Dylan Larkin here:

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY D-Boss, from your Uber driver!

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Then finding out that he was an unnamed extra in the movie, Deadpool.

The absolute best I have seen from him, actually came today and it has some Detroit flare to it. 

HELMINEM!! #redwingslookalike

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Everything about it is perfect. The crop job that he did on the photo. The caption is sublime. It is a masterpiece and sure to capture the hearts and minds of everyone in the Motor City. He uses the hashtag “#redwingslookalike”, I really hope that this becomes an ongoing series and we see plenty of similar posts from Franzen.

While it is unfortunate that Franzen found himself injured recently, it is good to see that his spirits remain high and his humor hasn’t gone anywhere. I hope to see more of this stuff from Franzen in the future, heck, we might even find him on TV.