Red Wings acquire Dylan Sadowy from San Jose for 2017 third round draft pick.

The dog days of summer have yet to come for the Red Wings as they remain vigilant and are contuining to try and improve their team on every level. They definitely added some punch to the prospect pool, as they acquired Dylan Sadowy from the San Jose Sharks for a 2017 third round pick. Where does Sadowy fit into the team’s future?

Sadowy should be a fascinating player for the Red Wings, who won’t have to rush him into the league. If he wasn’t signed by the Sharks at this year’s deadline, he would have re-entered the draft. A future third round pick seems a little steep, nonetheless you are able to acquire a player that is already deep into the development process. The Red Wings front office obviously values that.

While scouring the internet for info on Sadowy, a few interesting notes come up. First being, that Corey Pronman of ESPN ranked him as the fifth best player in the Sharks prospect pipeline at the beginning of the season. Ahead of a name like Joonas Donskoi.

Brock Otten, who runs the site OHL Prospects had this to say about Sadowy after his draft year, naming him as an honorable mention on his most improved player list:

“Has emerged as Saginaw’s top offensive threat this year. Last year he was applauded for his strong two-way play and work away from the puck (that led him to a 27 goal year). This year, his offensive game has grown substantially. He looks quicker and is creating his own scoring chances by looking to drive the net and being more patient in the cycle game”

After scoring 45 goals between two teams this year, it is nice to say that Sadowy does have some touch to his game. The Sharks, a highly skilled team didn’t see him fitting into their future plans which has to be concerning to some Wings fans. He looks to be more of a grinder and barely averaged over a point per game this past year. His path will be difficult to forecast as not many players like him succeed as a high end player in the league. Time with the Griffins in the near future will likely clear the murky waters surrounding his NHL projection.


Looks like the Wings worked hard getting him signed ASAP.